Huiri Temple Experience – Day 1, Part 1


I woke up with such good energy because I knew the trip to the temple would be really something new and refreshing. Also, the fact that Alton (my friend in Ningbo) has given me the opportunity to know more about the Huiri Temple and his close Monk friend, Zhi-Yan. The expectation I had taken a light spin because I thought we’ll be spending the entire day at the temple; however, the first thing we did was stop at a nearby school and teach kids some English. For once it was my first time going to teach my native language to a small class of kids.

The accepting invitation to teach was fulfilling, as I felt the connection and happiness from the students and parents. To see the kids’ reactions as we were in the process of reading new vocabulary, sentences, and paragraphs made it worthwhile. All the students and teachers were smiling, enjoying themselves and gave lots of gratitude, spending an hour or so teaching. Soon after lunch, we drove to the temple and begun the journey within the beautiful scenery.  The entrance of the temple was engulfed with so much green foliage, almost hidden within the mountain where we drove to.  The first thing you see is a brown looking tower somewhat in the center of the whole temple, rising tall and strong. Well constructed.

To Be Continued…

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