Understanding the Creative Accretion

Before I explain what creative accretion is, we first must define what is accretion. Merriam-Webster states:

ac-cre-tion (noun) is the process of growth or increase, typically by the gradual accumulation of the additional layer of matter.

2. a product of increase of land by the action of natural forces.

In most cases, if not all, accretion is linked to astronomy and how systems are formed with particles growing into bigger particles and objects through attractive forces that build up in periods of time. In many cases, we can say that creative accretion works in similar ways. Knowing or not knowing, our thoughts and ideas build upon what we believe or accept from past experiences. And though we sometimes tend to forget what we consciously believe and accept, it builds towards our present minds and actions. In order to take advantage of our creative accretion, we should take action of noting what’s really important for our creative process or end results and strive on finding ways to build towards the process. In many ways, we creatives aren’t sure what they are looking for; its best to start and consume broadly and narrow down the focus over a period of time.


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