Introducing Tog&Log

Introducing Tog & Log

Tog & Log is going to be an ongoing blog/vlog to educate the audience about being aware of our step-to-step process of creating and delivering our work. The goal is to inspire artists/creatives to include notes of their processes, from initial steps of writing, planning, organizing and executing their ideas and to record their process, so in the end, they can review, analyze, and share the process to see if their steps led them to their final results. If they succeed, great! If it wasn’t satisfactory, then they can review what they recorded along the way to see what steps can be changed towards their next project. Overall, it’s a way of creating awareness through the process of writing and self-reflecting the creative process and personal experiences. This is how we can be more conscious of our minds, goals, actions, and ambitions which leads to the final result of any of our projects.

These type of creative stages can be (but not limited to):

  1. Creating, connecting and consuming
  2. Preparation, executing, processing
  3. Idealizing, writing, building, executing
  4. Creating, developing, building,
  5. Idealizing, researching, producing, critiquing, reworking, evaluating, presenting, inspiring, and back to idealizing (on-going cycle)
  6. Idealizing, prototyping, testing, empathizing, defining

During these types of phases  (listed above), I would also emphasize different technical skills and notes to enhance the overall process(es). This may also be some personal experiences along the learning experience, as I’m a firm believer that our thoughts are linked towards our daily experiences.

What problem do you solve for your viewers?

The problem I would help solve the audience is self-awareness of the creative process and personal development. No matter what the creator’s process is and their work must be in focus in order to effectively get the results they are seeking. Creating new self-habits, disciplines, hard work would only lead to the result they customers are striving for.

How was the name ‘Tog&Log’ created? 

The name came from a combination of a few subtle meanings. Tog is a short slang/abbreviation for photographer and log has two meanings of (1) recording information and (2) abbreviation of analog. I wanted something to be short and to the point, which each word has some rhythm.  tog (3) log (3)… tog & log.

Personally, the medium I use is an analog film for my photography and there are many unknown processes that people typically ask when I have communication with other like-minded photographers.

The blog/vlog may have an influence on writing or showing the preliminary sketches or brainstorming processes. This is why I wanted to incorporate the word log.

Any donations are appreciated! It helps keep me going with the craft of photography!


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