Whose DK?

In 2006, Dominic started his craft of photography. His goal is to share his knowledge and journey with Photographers, Models, MUAs, and Artists all over the world. Whether your starting from scratch or already in business, his job is to help further your next steps towards your goals and dreams. In 2007, DKimg (formally Digital Kythe Image) was established.”DK” originated from a nickname given to few close friends during intermediate school. Over the course of time, it was developed into his career, as it made it easier to remember abroad. Overall, his main expertise is Photography; however, he offers other services such as retouching, product and graphic designing, and brand development.

Recently in 2013, Dominic has switched from Digital Photography to Analog Film Photography, offering a different avenue and experience of photography towards this generation.

Specialties: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Lightroom, Final Cut Pro, Corel Painter, Microsoft Office, Excel, Powerpoint, OneNote, Outlook, Maya, Corporate branding, Logo design, Page layout design, Web design, Photography, Graphic Design, Drawing

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“I was lucky enough to work with Dominic recently and I must say he is on point!
He is very professional and creates a fun, comfortable environment for his models. He makes you feel like a superstar and lose any and all fear or nervousness you may have had before the photo shoot. Working with him is fun – I highly recommend him. Not only does he have a great eye, but he is also very passionate about photography, and needless to say, he is amazingly talented and the final product is magnificent. .“
Patricia Lammle — Model

“Dominic is very professional with his craft and he always makes sure to capture breathtaking images. He has given my portfolio a new dimension that shows the passion and skills he has for photography“
Adela Guerra— Actress/Model

“Working with Dominic was a great experience. He’s got a great eye for photography and design, is easy going, professional and fun to work with!“
Val Figallo — Model/Full Stack Web Developer


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